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At Gaskill Strategies, we value all things community.  We work with organizations that are community-minded and that want to make our city a better place.  Here, we'd like to focus on the people, places and things that are improving and inspiring our world.

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A Dollar a Day


GiVE 365, an initiative of the Community Foundation, is a simple idea with a profound impact.  It's all about philanthropy - a dollar a day.  By joining GiVE 365, your contribution is pooled with those of other members, and you get a significant role in deciding which organizations will receive grants.

This year's grant projects support an idea voted on by members - Eyes on the Prize - which will focus on the graduation efforts of students in our city. Eleven organizations presented their ideas to a captive audience on September 20, and now it's in the members' hands to vote on which organizations they deem most worthy of the pooled funds. Tough choice!

 Read more about the finalist presentation event in the Commercial Appeal.

There are currently about 200 members (and counting). And the more members, more money available for grants for our community.  The impact is growing stronger and stronger. 

Check out GiVE 365's facebook page and website.  For more information, you can contact Ashley Harper at (901) 722-0022.

Posted by Jessie Walker at 1:11 PM