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We love I Love Memphis

If you don’t know Kerry Crawford, you don't really know Memphis. 

She’s our city’s biggest cheerleader, blogging for the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau at, highlighting the best of what’s happening in the Mid-South.  

Kerry starting blogging about three years ago about what makes Memphis a great place to live or visit.  And there’s never a shortage of reasons; the food, the attractions, the music and Memphians themselves keep Kerry busy with ideas and reasons to love Memphis. 

She’s uncovered and shared some of the lesser-known treasures of our city: anything from random art on the sidewalk to the best Memphis souvenirs on Beale Street (musical toilet seats, anyone?). She’s tackled the tough job of ranking the best of Memphis barbecue in her Barbeque Bracket Challenge.  She’s hunted for ghosts.  She’s climbed a rock wall, though she’s afraid of heights.  We’re pretty sure she’ll try anything once.  

One thing is for sure – she’s making Memphis much, much cooler, one blog post at a time.

Posted by Jessie Walker at 1:51 PM