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At Gaskill Strategies, we value all things community.  We work with organizations that are community-minded and that want to make our city a better place.  Here, we'd like to focus on the people, places and things that are improving and inspiring our world.

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Collaborative giving is where the heart is

GiVE 365 is an amazing organization that allows people to give in a big way.

The idea is simple: give one dollar a day. 

Your one dollar a day is pooled with contributions from other members in a collaborative fund. Each year, grant themes are suggested and voted on by members. (This year's theme: Home is Where the Heart Is. Meaning, how are organizations making neighborhoods more vibrant, livable and secure?) Then, submitted grants are reviewed, presented and voted on by members.

Check out this year’s finalists. Members get to vote for their top five organizations to receive funding.  (Tough choice!)

We love this concept. A small investment makes a huge impact throughout our city. As a member, you get a voice in where the collective money goes. Together, we can do so much.

To find out more about GiVE 365 or to become a member visit their website.

Posted by John Gaskill at 3:31 PM